Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about makeup. On one of the last days AWP, after struggling with my eyeliner and polishing off some lip gloss, I leaned back and thought to myself, There, now I don’t look so tired. This gave me pause. One of the very few visible indicators of my invisible illness […]

Fortune: “You have a strong desire for a home and your family comes first.” Reading: “You’re going to die alone.”

… even if you’ve never written a haiku in your life. Or if you’ve only ever written in 5-7-5. No, really, National Haiku Writing Month is a thing. And it’s approaching fast. February, the shortest month of the year, is reserved for the shortest poetry genre in the world. The goal: Write one haiku a […]

Fortune: “Don’t accept that others know better than you.” Reading: “Let them prove it to you.”

Last Wednesday was sloth paragraph day. I love sloth paragraph day. It’s possibly my favorite 20 minutes we spend in class all semester. This is the only time where I send my students into an assignment blind. It’s usually part of one of their informal, daily writings. I merely say, “Write a paragraph about ‘sloth’. […]

This morning as I was browsing my Facebook feed, I saw that Jamez Chang, flash fiction editor for Counterexample Poetics, linked to an interview with the editors of WhiskeyPaper. It’s a nifty interview—it gave me a new publication to explore. But it was also just nice to see an editor interview. I see far more […]

Fortune: “The greatest happiness comes from the greatest activity.” Reading: “Stop being lazy.”